Gorkha Zone Khukuri House

Namaste, Gorkha Zone Khukuri House (GZKH) is one of the oldest and reliable Khukuri store of Nepal.  Involved in Khukuri business since 2004, we have been supplying genuine products from Nepal, all over the world. With a factory and a Showroom at Thamel, we are dealing with the genuine Gurkha Khukuri and satisfying hundreds of customers around the world.

Since our store is central hub for collection of various Knives and khukuris; We provide employment to local people who make Knives and khukuris, and  marketise there products to global market. So these platforms for globalization of local market products has become greater importance to our society and market. Each and every sell of our product has not only  generated income but also  created employment opportunities in the society.

Gorkha Zone Khukuri House is registered under company registration act of Government of Nepal.  We are also registered in Department of Commerce and member of federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal.

GZKH is a manufacturer and exporter of Genuine Gurkha knives Khukuri/ Kukri from Nepal . GZKH has a wide range of varieties of collections based on security use, Army, Decorative, Souvenir, working blades and so on.  We have also been involved in supplying genuine khukuris to the Nepali Police, Nepal Army, British Gurkha Unit, Marine Corps, and Indian Gurkas as well.  We were occasionally  supplying khukuries to the Chinese Delegates, Pakistan, USA and European Embassies, Travel companies, Manpower Companies, Security Companies and National Banks as well. We are one of the finest and largest manufacturer quality Khukuri and satisfying our customers for nearly a decade. We believe in quality product and service with 100% customer satisfaction.  As all of our Khukuries are made by hand using a high grade carbon steel as raw materials, they are very strong and with 100% performance.

Since due to popularity of our products we have been manufacturing swords, knives and daggers as well and we also take order from the customer and full their product as per their customization.

So, we are very happy to serve customer all around the world and we welcome you to our store and help our community to make stronger.